George's Gourmet Pizzeria

If you live in the Hills of Sydney, chances are you’ve heard of George’s Gourmet Pizzeria. What started as a date night for George and Kelly, became a 33-year love affair of great food and amazing service for the Hills community.

George began his career as an accountant. He would head to the office every day in his suit and tie, but he wanted something more. He wanted a workplace where he could be creative, have a friendly chat and enjoy the work that he did.

One Saturday evening, back in 1986, George and Kelly headed out to dinner at a little pizza shop for the first time. As George likes to do, he started talking to the owner, ordered a pizza, ate it, loved it and said to the owner, “Do you want to sell your business?”

By Monday, it was his!

George quit his job and together with Kelly, jumped into learning the ropes of their new business. It wasn’t long before they perfected the art of pizza making and started to add their own family recipes to the menu. It was then that George’s was born.
Soon George’s Gourmet Pizzeria was offering their famous range of traditional and gourmet pizzas, pastas, schnitzels, salads, and yummy desserts that the people if the Hills know and love.

Why do the locals keep coming back? It’s simple really. George and Kelly love what they do, and you can tell in the delicious food that they create. George handpicks the freshest ingredients to be used in his kitchen and Kelly lovingly prepares the meals as though she is cooking for her own family. The meals are divine, the sauces are homemade, and the toppings are generous. But it is the love that makes every meal at George’s a special one.

George’s Gourmet Pizzeria

Opening Hours

MON:  11:00pm – 2:30pm

TUE to SUN:  11:00pm – 9:30pm

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