George's The Pizza Shop

The aroma of freshly cooked pizza and a warm, friendly smile greets you as you walk through the front door of The Pizza Shop. George has been serving up delicious food to pizza lovers for over 33 years in the Hills of Sydney, at George’s Gourmet Pizzeria.

Now in 2019, George, together with his wife Kelly, and side by side with their children, have opened a new store - George’s The Pizza Shop. The Pizza Shop offers customers all the pizza, pasta, salads and desserts that George’s Gourmet Pizzeria is famous for.

Throughout their childhood, George and Kelly’s children proudly watched their parents work hard in the pizza shop. As adults, their involvement in the new pizza shop is a natural progression. They remember fondly watching their dad flip the dough whilst chatting with the customers and were in awe of how their mum knew all their customers by name. They admired the love and generosity that their parents put into every pizza, every order and every person that walked through the doors. From answering phones to preparing the food, they learnt all there is to know about the pizza making business.

The original shop was a home away from home and a huge part of their life. It was known as the pizza shop to George, Kelly and their family and that is why the new store has been lovingly named ‘The Pizza Shop’.

Now at Stanhope Village, the same famous family recipes will be served at George’s - The Pizza Shop. The same food, same family, same love!

George’s The Pizza Shop

Opening Hours

MON to SUN:  5:00pm – 9:30pm

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